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oiycon's Journal

OiyCon - For Those Who Want The Good Stuff
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Welcome to OiyCon - For People Who Want the Good Stuff. Our focus is just like any other graphics community, give the best we can and make creative and pleasing graphics to better the visual world. Be it icons, banners or whatever else rocks your world we are here to conglomerate these righteous forces.


• Please comment if you are taking an icon and which one you are.

• Do not post explicit or severely vulgar graphics. Think in the mind of 'R' rated graphics and you'll be just fine.

• DO NOT STEAL GRAPHICS AND CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. We all work hard for the money at this stuff. It isn't fair when you've worked an entire day in the hot sun and the ice cream you deserve is snatched up from the neighborhood bully because they want it. Just keep that in mind.

• No spamming, flamming or otherwise ill-content language. Swearing up a storm will not be tolerated under any conditions.

• Constructive criticism only if you want to offer any.

• It is alright to request icons to be made. Please title your post
"Make Me Oiy" just so I know you actually read this. All graphic requests not titled this will be promptly deleted.

Sidenote: Mods word is law unless otherwise noted, or things are up for discussion. They have the right to refuse 'service', delete unrelated posts and ban obusive users.